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Stephen Sindoni is an independent Hollow Earth researcher and seeker of truth. From an early age he has been an avid reader and spent much of his time in a New York Public Library learning about American history, ancient civilizations, religions and Greek mythology.


Stephen Sindoni's research: Hollow Earth: I've read from different channeled messages about hollow earth and the much more advanced inner earth civilization of Agartha. It is fascinating to read Stephen Sindoni's detailed research about hollow earth to prove that inner hollow earth does exist! I was watching a local TV program the other day talking about major western countries such as the US, Canada, Britain and France etc. all are fighting for controlling the north pole. I couldn't understand why they are fighting over the vast area covered by ice and snow. What's the big deal? After reading Stephen's research, I now know why. It is the gateway to inner earth!




 Stephen Sindoni YOU ARE MY HERO!!! A true leader for free, thinking  individuals in what is possibly the most critical juncture of human  history. America: you need to WAKE UP now; stop just accepting whatever  is being spoon-fed to you. Brilliant work on the J.B. Brown story. I am  thrilled and inspired by your fearless work. I am a cab driver and  hollow earth researcher from San Francisco, and your biggest fan on the  west coast.   The hollow earth IS the worlds top secret. Even a fifth grade knows  that the earths crust is honeycombed with caves and tunnels which go on  indefinitely… So it shouldn’t be that hard to understand for people. 

 -Kristen Bartok  

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